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Upper-Bavarian Allure in the Fünfseenland

The small town of Seefeld is located in a typically Upper-Bavarian area south of Munich. With the mountain panorama in the background and the marvelous clear lakes of the region right in front of the doorstep, you can experience a perfect view. Hechendorf, which is home to the Alter Wirt, lies at the shore of the Pilsensee. Just a few kilometers to the east, you will find the lake Ammersee and the Wörthsee is also just a bit to the north. About a 20-minute drive to the west, the famous Lake Starnberg awaits you. Go on a journey around Upper Bavaria and discover wonderful places in nature by bike, on foot or on a sight-seeing tour.

Freizeitaktivitäten Hechendorf


If you are looking for an eventful and active vacation, the Fünfseenland is just the place to go. Enjoy the time outside and benefit from the healthy climate while experiencing the full glory of the lakes up-close.

Alter Wirt-Seefeld-Biergarten


Traditional celebrations & cultural events are always exciting for locals and visitors alike. Relax and enjoy traditional music, delicious food and entertaining local customs.

The Area and its Lakes

The Fünfseenland is the area between the Pilsensee (Lake Pilsen), the Ammersee (Lake Ammer),
The Wörthsee (Lake Wörth), the Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg), and the Weßlinger See (Lake Weßling). This area is renowned for its natural beauty and it attracts numerous visitors every year. Our hotel’s advantageous location makes it possible for our guests to get to know this beautiful area in all its beauty.

Blick auf den Ammersee
Schloss Starnberg

Seefeld Castle

The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 13th century and still exist today. The largest part of the castle was built around 1750. Today, most of the castle is rented out. The “Sudhaussaal” is sometimes used for events and there is a movie theater in the castle which is known for the annual film festival that takes place there.


Starnberg, which is located at the lake of the same name, is located about 15 kilometers east of Hechendorf. The town itself as well as the lake are renowned for their beauty and special allure. Starnberg dates back to the middle ages. Thanks to its eventful past, the town offers numerous sights, such as Castle Starnberg and a large number of historic villas in the center.

Blick auf den Starnberger See